Group Life

With over half of all Americans that have life insurance purchasing their life insurance through their employer, having a life insurance plan that is available to your employees can help attract and retain top individuals in your industry.

There are many benefits to offering a group life insurance plan to your employees:

Price – Life insurance provided through an employer lets individuals seeking to purchase life insurance have the buying power of a larger group and the discounts that come with that group.

Convenience – With so many different plans and so many aggressive advertisers in the marketplace, buying life insurance can be a complicated endeavor. By providing options through your organization, you’ll save your employees the time and hassle of having to do it themselves.

Coverage stays with an employee – In most cases, if an employee leaves, he or she will have the option of continuing their coverage by paying the premiums directly to the carrier.

Simplified process – With many group life plans, employees may be able to buy life insurance without taking a medical exam or undergoing extensive health questions. Many group life insurance plans will offer a minimum level of coverage for new employees.

Let Partlow Insurance help with you navigate through the complicated world of employee benefits and recommend the group life insurance plan that is right for your organization today.