Related Services

Partlow Insurance Agency specializes in providing all of the insurance solutions for all of your transportation and related services insurance needs. Many organizations do much more that just trucking and Partlow Insurance is committed to being your one stop shop for all of your insurance needs

In addition to your insurance needs, Partlow Insurance has onsite financing with the ability to work with you on the financing terms and down payment. Give us a call today to find out more.

Classes We Serve
• Service and Repair Shops
• Convenience Stores
• Dealerships
• Auto
• Truck
• Recreational Vehicles
• Franchise
• Used
• Truck Stops
• Truck Washes
• Gas Stations

With a wide variety of markets available to our customers, Partlow Insurance can provide you with the best solutions for all you transportation insurance and related services insurance needs.

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We recognize that all of our clients have unique needs for their insurance programs and we have the knowledge and experience to meet those needs. We are partnered with financially strong carriers who, like Partlow Insurance understand the transportation industry and your unique needs.

Partlow Insurance provides a full array of products to meet your needs including:
• Auto Liability
• General Liability
• Property Coverage
• Tools and Equipment Coverage
• Towing Coverage
• Garagekeepers Coverage
• Workers Compensation
• Umbrella Coverage

We also provide unique coverages and extensions of coverage to design the right insurance program for you. We can include coverage such as downtime, rental reimbursement, lease/finance value, diminishing deductible/deductible return.

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Partlow Insurance is committed to providing the kind of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We have developed specialized services for the transportation community and will work with you to put together a service package that will meet your needs.

Partlow Insurance can facilitate all of your loss control needs, claims management processes, and safety meeting requirements. We are committed to giving our customers access to the best programs in the business and have partnered with reliable companies to provide these services to you.

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On-Line Services
At Partlow Insurance, we recognize that you may need access to a certificate of insurance or an auto ID card on a moment’s notice. We are there to help as quickly as possible when you call. We also recognize that many times you have needs that need to be met outside of our normal business hours. With that in mind, Partlow Insurance has developed a tool for you to issue and print certificates, print auto ID cards, request to add or delete drivers, and a host of other services. These can all be accessed through our website by clicking “Access My Account” at the top of the page. If you are currently a customer and don’t have a username and password, just give us a call and we would be happy to get you set up.