Valley Physician Enterprise Malpractice Insurance Program

Valley Physician Enterprise has formed a risk purchasing group to procure malpractice insurance for community and independent physicians of the Valley Health community. Partlow Insurance Agency is pleased to be the agent for the risk purchasing group. The VPE RPG has chosen The Doctors Company to provide the coverage for the program. Highlights of the program are:

Premium Savings

On average, physician groups that have joined the VPE RPG have seen savings in excess of 30% off their current premiums. Individual savings will vary but even doctors currently with The Doctors Company will see additional savings of at least 5% when they join the VPE RPG.

The Doctors Company

Prior Acts Coverage: TDC will pick up the retroactive date on your current policy. Consequently, “tailing out” or buying “tail” insurance will not be necessary.

Free Tail Coverage: Retirement / Disability / Death Extended Reporting Endorsement Tail is without charge to any physician retiring completely from Practice or in the event of death or disability, subject to certain terms.

The Tribute Plan: A portion of the premium paid for your Malpractice Insurance will annually go into a retirement type of account referred to as the Tribute Plan. Those Physicians already insured with TDC will recognize continued contributions to your Tribute Plan account. Those new to TDC will begin accumulating the benefit with the expiration of the first annual policy term.

Portability: If you elect at any point to leave VPE risk purchasing group, your TDC Policy can be taken with you. TDC is licensed in every state and if you continue to be insured with TDC, the Extended Reporting Endorsement aka “tail” insurance will not be required.

Policy: We believe TDC has the best insurance contract in the marketplace. Additionally, the claims service and defense counsel are outstanding. TDC successfully defends more than 80% of the claims brought against their insured Physicians.

Loss Control Program

As part of the VPE risk purchasing group, a loss control program that is customized to local physicians is available.

Partlow Insurance Agency

Partlow Insurance will be the agent for the VPE risk purchasing group. The Partlow staff is well equipped to handle the service of your account.

Program/Policy Review: A member of the Partlow Insurance staff is available to review the VPE Program at a time convenient to you. The staff at Partlow is always available for consultation. You will find their knowledge of the insurance marketplace and advice very valuable.

For a free quote through the VPE risk purchasing group click here.

Frequently Asked Questions